Hi, I’m Archana.

I’ve thought about words my whole life. I read a lot, and when I do, I hoard fine turns of phrase in notebooks and text files and photos saved to my phone, hoping to find my own grammar in the language of others.

After years of blogging and trying my hand at creative writing—in fits and starts, in the spare moments I had during grad school and eventually a full-time day job—I fell into literary translation after a decade-long love affair with the Korean language. I’m not entirely sure how it happened or what it all means, except that translation has become an ultimate celebration of the things I cherish in this life.

These are letters mostly to myself, my introspections about the craft of storytelling, my growing practice of translation, and why the things that matter to me do matter to me. If that’s interesting to you, I hope you stay a while. I like making friends.